Friday, August 30, 2019

Questions to Ask Before Your Next Presentation

Paraphrasing Albert Einstein, you have to ask the right questions if you're going to find the right answers. This is true for effective presentation planning. Following is a list of must-ask questions that will help guide your work as you develop your next presentation.

- What is the core purpose of my program?
- Why should the audience care about my content?
- What are the top 3-4 pieces of information I hope my audience will remember one week after my presentation?
- What makes me a credible expert in this area?
- What are stories I can use to get the human element into my presentation?
- How will I purposefully get the audience interacting with me, as well as each other?
- What do I think are going to be the common questions audience members will ask?
- What is the current knowledge level of the audience regarding my topic?
- What are the barriers to the audience engaging?
- Am I primarily informing, educating or motivating?
- What will the first 30-seconds sound like?
- How am I helping the audience follow my presentation?
- What is the closing call to action?
- What do I expect the audience to do with my information?
- How am I helping the audience retain the information; i.e. encouraging note taking.
- What props, AV elements, handouts, etc. are necessary?
- What content needs to be taken away because it doesn't strongly support the core purpose or is information overload?
- Where can the audience access my content and contact information after my presentation is over?