Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Best Word To Describe the Best Presenters

What word would you most want your audience members to use to describe you as a presenter?  I have presented thousands of speeches, workshops, trainings, etc. to over one million audience members over two decades.  I believe the word POISED should be your goal.

P - Prepare fully for the speech, training and/or event. Understand what the audience needs and wants and prepare your content and yourself accordingly.
O - Open eyes wide for opportunities to exceed each audience member's expectations.
I - Eyes are always on me - on stage and off stage.  Your on-stage self should simply be an enhanced version of your authentic self.
S - Serve the audience and my fellow presenters. Be care-ismatic, cordial, friendly, etc.
E - Expect and manage gracefully bumps. Flexibility is the key here.  
D - Deliver more than expected. Except in regards to time, of course.  Start strong, stay strong, end early.

Take a look at your habits before and during your presentations and make sure they are focused on making you a more POISED presenter.  Good luck.

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