Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Build a Keynote

Follow the tips below the next time you are preparing to deliver a keynote.

1. Make only three main points. If you can, give each point equal time. Additionally, make all of them tie back to the one Big Idea of the keynote - an opening belief/concept/philosophy/etc.

2. Begin with a moment of engagement. 3-5 minutes. Physical, social, emotional, etc. Get them purposely engaged in the presentation at the very start.

3. Bridge that opening moment of engagement to your Big Idea. Present one challenge or question or leadership strategy that all your points will tie back into.

4. Use personal stories.

5. Help them think application.

6. If you are going to use a prop, video, music, crowd interaction, etc., keep it simple and practice beforehand.
Follow the 7-minute Rule. Reference this post -

7. Save your most emotionally charged or intellectually amazing message for the last.

8. Leave them with momentum; end your presentation with application action points. How do expect the audience to act differently because of your message?