Monday, May 23, 2011

Leadership Quote Cards

There are so many positive outputs from an engaging conservation about leadership and related topics. I have put together a new tool for you to lead your groups in this effort - The Leadership Quote Cards. Feel free to print these poster size and hang on the wall for big groups or print postcard size to use with small groups. They are a powerful tool to get discussions and thoughts started on multiple (there are 28 cards) topics.

Download the PDF here.


  • If you are using them with a big group, have everyone pair up, stand up, roam around the room and go up to each poster and share whatever comes to mind.
  • For a small group, pass out the cards, give each person a few minutes to write down their thoughts and then go around the room asking each person to share their thoughts.
  • For a small group, hold up a poster and have everyone share a thought or question related to it.
  • For a big or small group, go to reflection time. Post the posters on the walls and, with pen/paper in hand, have each person walk around and quietly journal an initial thought response to each quote.
  • Get the group into teams of 4-6. Give each team a card. Have them design and present a skit/commercial/speech/etc. based on the card's quote.

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