Monday, May 23, 2011

Leadership Quote Cards

There are so many positive outputs from an engaging conservation about leadership and related topics. I have put together a new tool for you to lead your groups in this effort - The Leadership Quote Cards. Feel free to print these poster size and hang on the wall for big groups or print postcard size to use with small groups. They are a powerful tool to get discussions and thoughts started on multiple (there are 28 cards) topics.

Download the PDF here.


  • If you are using them with a big group, have everyone pair up, stand up, roam around the room and go up to each poster and share whatever comes to mind.
  • For a small group, pass out the cards, give each person a few minutes to write down their thoughts and then go around the room asking each person to share their thoughts.
  • For a small group, hold up a poster and have everyone share a thought or question related to it.
  • For a big or small group, go to reflection time. Post the posters on the walls and, with pen/paper in hand, have each person walk around and quietly journal an initial thought response to each quote.
  • Get the group into teams of 4-6. Give each team a card. Have them design and present a skit/commercial/speech/etc. based on the card's quote.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Attention Points

Attention Points are credits you get or lose from the audience. There are many ways to earn them and many ways to lose them. When you speak, your audience is giving you two of their most important resources - time and attention. Take this fact seriously and learn to respect it, leverage it and make the most of both. You can't tell them, demand them, expect them or assume they will give you their attention. You must earn it. Following are the short lists of methods for earning and losing Attention Points...

Earning Methods

  • Your Professional Title
  • Your Life Accomplishments
  • Your Life Story
  • Likeability
  • Audience Interaction
  • Telling Stories They Relate With
  • Heart-filled Content
  • Compelling Data
  • Inherently Necessary Info (ex. How to exit a burning building)
  • Shocking Content
  • Hilarious Content
  • Authenticity
  • Humility
  • Brevity

Losing Methods

  • Be Mean
  • Be Boring
  • Be Dry
  • Be Lengthy
  • Be Presumptuous
  • Be Inappropriate
  • Be Dishonest
  • Be Predictable
  • Be Overly Repetitive
  • Use Someone Else's Material
  • Use Outdated or Overused Quotes, Stories, Jokes or Data Points

If you are thinking "I am naturally dry" or "I have to give lengthy presentations", that's ok. You just need to implement more of the Earning Methods to get your Attention Points account into the black.

Good luck and email me if you need more detail or have a specific situation or presentation you need help with - rhett (at)