Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Building Presentations with F.O.R.C.E.

Next time you are developing a presentation, build it with F.O.R.C.E...

Focused - Keep your presentation's deliverable simple and focused.  Do not try to cover too much ground on one topic or a few things about many topics.  A famous trial lawyer once said, "If I give the jury ten great reasons to vote for my client, I might as well have given them none.  One or two compelling reasons is the best approach."

Organized - I recently spoke at a high-powered leadership event in San Diego and the biggest gripe by the conference organizers of one of the other presenters was that they were all over the place.  There was no clear structure or order to their message or flow.  Having a clear and concise organized plan for your presentation helps the audience remember what just happened, understand what is happening and look forward to what is getting ready to happen.

Rememorable - If you don't want your words acted upon, then a presentation is not the best delivery method for your message.  Send an email, letter or fax instead.  If you do require or desire action to be taken after your presentation, then you must make it rememorable.  Use props, stories, acronyms, interaction, emotional anchors, discussion, note taking, etc.  Unless your message is overtly or inherently compelling, these tools and skills are a must in today's busy, noisy world.

Connected - So many components of effective "speaker to audience" moments are driven by this concept of connecting.  The audience must trust, respect, admire, believe, listen to, want to learn more, ask questions of and like the speaker for the exchange of ideas to happen.  All of these things come down to the speaker making a connection with the audience - emotionally, intellectually, socially and even physically.  They all make a difference.

Engaging - You can spend hours preparing what you are going to say based on learning objectives, program metrics, audience expectations, your expertise, meeting goals, etc., but if you aren't able to deliver this excellent material in an engaging way, you are missing the point.  And so will they.  Your body and verbal language needs to be passionate and energetic.  It is amazing how many presenters forget this and therefore all their hours of thinking about what to say are wasted because they didn't spend any time thinking about how to say.

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