Saturday, October 18, 2008

A New Way to Think About Crowd Size

Old Thinking: As the crowd size goes up, so does the impact. (Due to sheer #'s.)

New Thinking: As the crowd size goes down, the impact goes up. (Due to message specialization.)

Why is this graph important? Because many times we get more excited, nervous, prepared, etc. when we have the opportunity to speak in front of a large crowd. I have spoken in front of crowds ranging from six-thousand, nine-thousand and fifteen-thousand. I know the feeling.

And then there are the smaller groups. If we only have a few hundred or even just a few total, we tend to think about them as less important or less significant.

However, it is in these smaller venues that a speaker, trainer or teacher can really make a personal impact. IF you leverage the specialization opportunity. Here are a few suggestions...

  • Get to know why each individual is there.
  • Read body language and adjust accordingly.
  • Ask specific questions and adjust based on the answers.
  • Survey the group beforehand to learn specific, useful information you can use in your presentation.
  • Go into more detail (it is ineffective to give large groups complex information)

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Anonymous said...

Its harder when the people putting on the event do not tell you the real size of the crowd. I am able to adjust on the fly, however, knowing the real size vs the inflated, I hope they come size of the crowd would have helped tremendously.

Dr. Wright
The Wright Place TV show