Monday, August 4, 2008

The Big Secret to "Actionable" Modern Day Communication

(Print out and give this picture to yourself and as many teachers, speakers, marketers, executives, leaders, parents, married people, and students as you can.)

How I "Widen"...
1. Personally - Actively listen in one-on-one conversations.
2. Socially - Ask people questions (friends and strangers).
3. Technically - Use Google Reader to read 100 blogs, click on my browser's StumbleUpon button periodically and listen to/watch the following podcasts -, This American Life, NPR Story of the Day and Fresh Air from WHYY.

How I "Narrow"...
1. Start all my keynote speeches, workshops and blog posts with answering, "what is the big idea/concept here?"
2. Take my own advice and talk/write using the CVS formula (use Concrete, Visual and Simple language).
3. Listen more. Talk less.

(If you need more information on any of these techniques/tools, either Google them, search my blogs or comment back.)

1 comment:

Robyn McIntyre said...

Rhett - this post intrigued me because of the graphic. At first, it seemed to go against something Guy Kawasaki said: "Eat like a bird, poop like an elephant," by which he meant take in a lot of information and distribute it in as large a way as possible. But after reading your post, I realize that you and he are actually saying the same thing - you're just advocating a focused way of distributing the information you take in. Something that many of us should take time to reflect on. Using a dump truck to cover a target is not the same as hitting the bullseye. Thanks for the reminder.