Tuesday, July 8, 2008

17% Zone Slide Show

Here is a quick example of slides done right. This is for a 45-minute presentation at a luncheon of business professionals. I will include music and table interaction to drill home the points.

As always, the slides are visual-heavy, text-light and only offer support for the conversation between the audience and me.

Intro Slide

Initial Interaction Activity Slide

Key Concept Slide

Question 1 Intros Key 1

Question 2 Intros Key 2

Question 3 Intros Key 3

Question 4 Intros Key 4

Question 5 Intros Key 5

Question 6 Intros Key 6

Recap Slide of the 6 Big Keys

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Barry Flanagan said...

You should post this on slideshare.net .