Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Five Offspring of Authenticity

The following list contains five results from a presenter being authentic:

1. Credibility - I don't care if your area of expertise is wide or narrow, I just care that you know what you say you know.

2. Authority - Speakers are questioned all the time. Authentic speakers are questioned less often.

3. Sincerity - In the era of botox, liposuction and "cheat your way to the top," sincerity is worth more because of simple supply and demand. The demand is high and the supply is short.

4. Consistency - Humans begin appreciating consistency from birth. A child loves peek-a-boo because of the consistency of you appearing each time. Make it a habit to be yourself.

5. Energy - It is physically and mentally draining to be fake - for you and your audience. Being authentic reverses this and encourages an energetic experience.

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Terry Gault said...


Thanks for the post.

One thing I might add is that as a presenter it is your job to create the best environment for your audience to have a good experience, so taking charge of the space is crucial. If you need to move something, move it. If you need to write something on the flip chart or white board, do so.

If you become too deferential, it can be seen as a lack of confidence, which will undermine your authority and thereby your presentation as a whole!