Monday, March 31, 2008

Fight the Authenticity Fight

Authentic presenters must constantly fight to be real. There are always enemies just waiting to seige your authenticity. This is why I am going to spend an entire chapter on knowing your enemies in my upcoming Authenticity Rules book.

An important concept I will spend a future blog post outlining is that being yourself up front is not something you fight to get. It is something you fight to keep. Effective presenters don't need to learn anything to be real. However, they spend a lifetime learning how to be real AND really good. They also spend a tremendous amount of intellectual energy fighting to keep their authenticity.

The greatest fight is between two forces...

1. I have to spend a load of time getting ME right.

(i.e. - you must know yourself, you must be ok with yourself and you must be comfortable with who you are, how you look, your content knowledge, etc.)

2. I have to then get my mind off of me and put it on the audience.

(i.e. - thoughts about you and your content have to be in your subconscience when presenting to make room for one singular conscience thought - your audience.)

This is a perfect example of the difference between just being a real presenter and a real AND really good presenter. Since the end goal of any presentation is to move the audience forward in some form or fashion, the presenter's focus can not be on self. It must be on others.

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