Monday, February 11, 2008

The Mavericks Power Base

Just north of Half Moon Bay in Northern California is a surfing mecca called the Mavericks. This magical place creates the largest waves along the California coast line (10-20 feet high, lasting up to 20 seconds).

The Mavericks is able to produce such large and powerfully fast waves because of the shape of the sea floor, the angle of the coastline and the distance the waves have traveled. Here is a flythrough video that illustrates the unique topography creating Mavericks.

Each of these elements alone (sea floor shape, coastine angle and wave distance) do not create powerful waves. Combined together, however, and you get this. A natural power base.

Metaphorically, it doesn't get any better than the Mavericks to describe what happens when a speaker, trainer and/or teacher lets authenticity rule their preparation and presentation. There exists a natural and unique power base that only lives within you. No one else anywhere can bring to the shore what you can.

You will always have an audience as a speaker and be changing lives as a trainer/teacher if you...

1. Identify what is uniquely yours (your Mavericks mix of personality, expertise, passion, skills, talent, medium, etc.)
2. Put language and structure to your power base
3. Sharpen the necessary skills and talents to then communicate your message
4. Find an audience that connects deeply with those qualities

Of course, here is the big secret. You have to figure out what your "sea floor, coastline angle and wave distance" are. In other words, what are the core power base components you have at your disposal that you need to combine and start making waves with? To begin down this path of self-awareness, click over to my Personal Leadership Insight blog and use the STEEP self inventory model as a guide to finding your Mavericks power base.

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