Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More You, Less Facade

Leadership Guru and Professional Speaker, Kevin Eikenberry, recently highlighted the importance of authenticity on his blog. The post is titled "Eight Uncommon Approaches for Better Presentations." Here's the line...

8. More you, less facade. No, this isn't in conflict with the last point; you will be a more effective presenter when you are real, genuine and sincere. Drop the posturing and be real. Your audience will appreciate it, and they will listen and trust you more.

Here's the post:

The great tie-in here is the connection between being real and the audience trusting you more. Most spurious presenters think the opposite is true - that you build trust between a speaker and an audience by only showing your good side, what you do know, covering up mistakes/blemishes and generally trying to be perfect. "They will trust me more if I impress them."

I agree with Kevin that trust is built by making real connections, not by trying to impress.

Real. Genuine. Sincere. Authentic.

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