Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Introduction Formula

When you need to give an introduction of a speaker, sticking to these five elements will keep it short and sweet.

The 5 Elements of a Great Speaker Introduction

1. Say their name and say it RIGHT. Spell it out phonetically if you have to. (Example - Law-buck, instead of Laubach.)

2. Say their current organization and how the work it is doing relates to the audience members.

3. Say their expertise and how it relates to the presentation's focus. (This is more about the content.)

4. Say a little about why this particular speaker is credible. (This is more about the speaker.)

5. Say something unique (interesting, fun, etc.) about the presenter. This will require you doing some research either before the day or right before the speech.

Bonus tip: Do what you can to get the main points of these five in your head and easily accessible. Get them learned to the point where you don't have to read the introduction word for word, but don't memorize it word for word either. Good luck!

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