Monday, March 5, 2007

30 Actions Speakers Must do Regularly to Grow Their Business

1. Call 3 potential clients and ask, “How can I serve your needs?”

2. Call 3 current clients and request…

I. A letter of recommendation
II. The name of a peer they can refer you to
III. The next opportunity where you can serve their needs

3. Call 3 peers and ask, “How are things?”

4. Review your next 3 programs and move your preparation for them incrementally forward.

5. Create 3 new methods of teaching/writing/saying your content.

6. Freshen 3 marketing pieces with…

I. Updated biographical information
II. Newer/better language
III. More user-friendly methods

7. Read 3 pieces of literature specific to your expertise.

8. Do 3 measurably significant actions to move that “big project” forward.

9. Delete 3 unproductive and unprofitable behaviors/habits/rituals from your routine today.

10. Identify 3 tangible methods of streamlining how information flows between you and your clients, your office and your personal files.

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