Monday, February 26, 2007

The Room Should Move With You!

A workshop is all about the experience of moving people from where they are to where you and your message can take them; intellectually, emotionally, socially, etc. You play a role in this experience, but the environment plays an even bigger role. The environment can include...

Seating arrangement
Learning Material
Writing Utensils
Distance from speaker
Distance from each other
Availability of tables
Outside interference
Quality of sound system
Ability to see any and all visuals

So, get the room right (and know what "right" means) and you are over half way there!

FYI - my speaking associate, Kelly Barnes, sums up how we set up our rooms with the following MOVE formula...

Move my feet... get music going!
Move my eyes... get visuals up!
Move my ears.... get me up to speed on what we are going to do!
Move my mouth... get me talking to others!
Move my brain... get me thinking!
Move me... get me physically moving on purpose!
Move on.... get to the point!

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